Music I listen to: Bear's Den 

Hey all:

I am fortunate enough to say that I've seen this band live twice from the front row. Bear's Den is an amazing trio that supported Mumford & Sons during two shows I saw over the summer here in the UK. Here are some pics from those shows. 

These guys are great! I took these photos (pretty happy about how they turned out). Their song Agape was my anthem for almost a month. They are a bunch of fun to see live and fun to listen to. Here is a link to the youtube of their song "Agape":

Here is a recent…

The Water - An Excellent Song by Johnny Flynn and Laura Marling 

Hello All:

My blog post is short today, but I wanted to share an amazing video with you. Please check out Johnny Flynn's and Laura Marling's performance of "The Water". This song has, on its own,  influenced my songwriting. It's beautiful and charming. Please give it a listen. It's a wonderful folk tune. Here you go:

The Water - Released November 1st 2010 on Transgressive Records
Johnny Flynn and Laura Marling

Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday!


Tom Butler

Friends Friday - Fictionist 


Hope you are having a good Friday! Today I'd like to share some more music with you. Living in London makes it hard to go to their shows these days, but their music is absolutely amazing. Fictionist is an American Rock band made up of Excellent musicians Aaron Anderson, Robbie Connolly, Jacob Jones, Brandon Kitterman, and Stuart Maxfield. I grew up around their music and have followed them since I was 15 or 16 years old. I've been lucky enough to open a few shows for them. They bring a modern twist…

Mason Jennings - My Minnesota-based Influence  

Hey All:

Today's blog is about Mason Jennings, an American Folk artist that has greatly influenced me over the years. He is in my top 10 favorite artists. 
I was introduced to Mason Jennings in high school. I can truly say that Mason Jennings' music altered the course of my music and allowed to me to overcome many songwriting barriers that I was dealing with as a teenager. His lyrics and simplicity really appeal to me. I've been to many of his concerts and have been lucky enough to meet him a few times over…

Music I listen to: William Fitzsimmons 


I personally enjoy all kinds of music. When I'm looking to gain further songwriting inspiration, I have a few 'go to' artists. William Fitzsimmons is one of those artists. His evocative acoustic tunes are wonderful to listen to and touch on many personal themes. 

One song of his that I like is "Everything Has Changed". Check it out by clicking on the image:

  Photo from and credited to Erin Brown

Learn more about him at: or