Ed Sheeran: Why I Became A Fan

Photo by Yours Truly (Tom Butler) of Ed Sheeran during his concert March 24, 2014 at the Royal Albert Hall

I remember driving home from playing street football (soccer) with friends and hearing the A-Team come on the radio. I thought it was RnB / Slow Hip Hop song. After seeing him on TV or other interviews, I judged him for being a passing fad without much talent. 

Last night, however, in east choir seats of the Royal Albert Hall I became a fan of Ed Sheeran.

Here's why: 
  1. He kept a 5000+ person crowd entertained for 2 straight hours with only a guitar, a voice, and a loop pedal (MAIN REASON)
  2. He has a unique style that meshes rap with folk (which is not easy)
  3. He is well practised and has put a lot of time into his trade and art
  4. He is authentic (he told us about the phony encore)
  5. He is positive and happy 
Furthermore, he played a song with Passenger last night called "Hearts on Fire". It's an amazing song. Once it's uploaded online, I'll put the link here: http://youtu.be/MgHSSWOzRA8

Anyway. You also need to listen to Passenger, but this article isn't about him. 

Hope you have a wonderful day / week / month / year / life :)


Tom Butler

ps. Here's another picture from the show last night (it's a picture of Passenger)

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