Tom Butler Band - Ice Bucket Challenges

Hey Friends: 

So Stu and I have done our ALS Ice Bucket challenges recently. Stu's was way better than mine, but I hope you enjoy both videos thoroughly. 

Here's Stu's:

Here's mine: 


I'VE BEEN CHOSEN AS A FINALIST in the soloists/duos category in the Mayor of London's Gig Big Busk competition! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR VOTING! 

GRAND FINAL: Westfield's Stratford on Sunday Sep 7 (Time TBA)
LISTEN to the song I'll…

Snobby Aristocratic Update for you...

**Put on your favourite snobby British Aristocratic Accent for the beginning of this**
Dearest Friends: 

I bid you a wonderful Friday afternoon. It would be remiss not to mention the fortune we've experienced of good weather in London recently. **…

The 405 recommended this...

Recently I wrote an online letter (also known as an email) to a very prolific music blog called the 405. They are UK based, but I think I connected most with their name as I used to drive on…


I'm playing in London's Busking competition, please click the picture below to vote!

James Flett Music Video & Blog Post

You all know James Flett yeah? He is usually playing guitar next to me on stage or just standing there and singing backup vocals (BVs as they say in the 'industry'). He is a good singer-songwriter in his own right.…

Private House Concert Last Night

I had so much fun playing music for and meeting new people at Asya's flat near Oxford Circus last night. Here are a few photos: