Hey all:

Another little short post. I just want to invite you to watch what I consider to be one of the best music videos I've seen from a band in a long time. The song is High Hopes by…Read more

Ed Sheeran: Why I Became A Fan

Photo by Yours Truly (Tom Butler) of Ed Sheeran during his concert March 24, 2014 at the Royal Albert Hall

I remember driving home from playing street football (soccer) with friends and hearing the A-Team come on the radio. I…Read more

Watch 'On The Line' Official Music Video

Official Music Video Release Tom Butler's 'On The Line' Music Video Now On Youtube

It has happened! Tom Butler busts through the door and is taking names with his brand new music video 'On The Line'. The…

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Sunday Dec 22nd Afternoon Showcase!

Join me at the Water Rats this Sunday at 3pm for a wonderful showcase show. Tickets are only £5 :)
Its going to to be an unmissable and special day, uniting all with one talent, one goal, and a perfect… Read more

Tuesday Tune: Birdy's 'Wings'

Happy Tuesday Everyone:

Just wanted to share a bit about an amazing musician and song that I've come across quite recently. Her name is Birdy. She is 17 and has been wowing the international music community with her heartfelt covers… Read more