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Kill The Myths: My Trip To New York 

Tuesday December 16, 2014
Kill The Myths: My Trip to New York
By Tom Butler

Quick Recap: New York City is overall a pretty safe place!

I currently live in London and was pretty nervous about my first trip to the Big Apple. People tols me that the subway was dirty and and smelly (which I'm sure is more of an isssue during the muggy summer months). During this winter Christmas season, however, the subway was just your basic run of the mill dirty-ish subway.

Quick question for those in New York: is the water…

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The Bedford Gigs 2014 Reunion Show 

I've been buzzing all day from playing the #gigs2014 GIGS: Big Busk reunion show last night at The Bedford The Bedford Live!! Such an AMAZING night! Most importantly I would like to thank each and every single one of you that came to the show and shared your time with each of us last night. Gavin, Paul, James, Stu, and I had a ton of fun playing music for you! We are supremely blessed to play music. It is a gift we enjoy sharing with you, especially during this Christmas season. 

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Harriet, Steve Anderson, and Music Blog Reviews 

Hey friends:

I am just checking in quickly here before shooting off to the studio today. I've been writing with Harriet and Steve Anderson (Musical Director of Kylie Minogue). We've written two songs and it's been a blast being in the studio with them here in London. I also played a spontaneous gig with a band called the Model Aeroplanes. I received a review from this gig below (from Stu Evans). 

Furthermore, I've reviewed two really gracious reviews. One from Paul Reynolds at MyFizzyPop about Malea and the…Read more

Tom Butler at the Drury Club 

Last night was an amazing show and the band and I would like to thank everyone that came out to the show. Here are some fun photos that friends on Twitter posted from the show: 

We played: 
On The Line
Dad's Song
Should've Been (featuring Ria and Erik Sjoholm)

Hope you have a wonderful day!


Tom Butler Interview on Brooklands Radio 


Under The Radar Live Sessions with Tom Butler 9 November 2014 by Under The Radar Live Sessions on Mixcloud

00:08:20 - Intro and first mention
00:14:00 - Beginning of the interview
00:17:00 - On the Line (Live)
00:22:00 - Interview part 2
00:25:55 - Heart (Live)
00:36:20 - Interview part 3 
00:40:47 - Boats (Live)
01:10:30 - Interview part 4
01:16:28 - Malea (Live)
01:19:55 - Interview part 5  <----the most awkward and funny bit
01:26:10 - Highway (Live)

Chelsea Arts Club & Brookland's Radio with David Durant 

Hey friends: Little journal entry for you. Saturday night I played an amazing show at the beautiful and exclusive Chelsea Arts Club:

Highlights from the show Saturday November 8 @ The Chelsea Arts Club: 
  • Great opening sets from Calista Kazuko
  • I played On the Line, Highway, Should of Been (Featuring Ria and Erik Sjoholm), Boats, Malea, and Heart
  • The best rock band in London headlined the show. THE GREASY SLICKS. They are FREAKIN AMAZING! (Totally awesome!). Seriously, go to their shows. Jack melts…
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Tom Butler Recap: Austrian Songwriting Camp & Gigs  

Hey friends: 

I hope you are each doing well. It's been a Rollercoaster of the past two weeks filled with highs and lows. I'll try to write less, put more pictures etc. On October 4, I left for Berlin at 6AM (without sleep) from London. I saw checkpoint Charlie and a McDonalds (didn't eat there, just thought I'd tell you that I saw one). I took an 8 hour train to Innsbrook. I stayed at a Hostel where I made lots of friends and met someone 2 years younger that went to my SAME HIGH SCHOOL! 

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Week Full of Music - Sep 15, 16, 17, 18, 20 

Last week was an amazing week for Stu, James, Paul, Gav and I as we played 5 days of music (well at least some combination of us were involved in TB music over the week). Here's a fun little recap for you!

Monday September 15  - Played a Country Roads, On The Line, and Malea during a solo set in Reading @ The Jolly Anglers
Tuesday September 16 - Played Malea and Heart (coming on the next EP) in London @ the Tooting Tram & Social
Wednesday September 17 - Played a full band set in London @ the Betsey Trotwood

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​What was it like to win the PRS Songwriting Prize? 

What was it like to win the PRS Songwriting Prize for the Gigs 2014 Busking Competition?

It was like being underwater. I was standing on stage with all of the judges and the 5 other contestants for the songwriting prize (who are excellent songwriters). When Guy Fletcher said, "Tom Butler", I had no idea what to do or say. Here are some photos and videos from the experience:



After: Me giving a mumbled and terrible acceptance speech. I think I said 'Thank you...' When I went on stage to play…

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Tom Butler Wins PRS for Music Songwriting Prize for Boats 

I'm thankful to announce that I won the PRS for Music songwriting prize and will be playing at Glastonbury next year. Thank you all so much for your support and love during this competition and in general. The song Boats is available to listen to on spotify at: See you all at Glastonbury! 

I'm very happy to also announce that my friends Natalie Shay won the young persons category (amazing performance), Harry Houseago won the Soloists-Duos category (VERY…Read more

Gigs Big Busk 2014 Announces Top 6  

Hey Friends,

London Mayor's Office announced Gigs Big Busk 2014 Songwriting Finalists: 

"Gigs HQ is pleased to announce the six winning songs in the Gigs Songwriting Prize, sponsored by PRS for Music. The prize was open to all Gigs acts who write their own music and the winners chosen by a panel of judges. The six winning songs are now being listened to by Guy Fletcher, Chairman of PRS for Music, who will choose the overall winner.

All six songwriting prize winners will be invited to attend a day of…

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I'VE BEEN CHOSEN AS A FINALIST in the soloists/duos category in the Mayor of London's Gig Big Busk competition! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR VOTING! 

GRAND FINAL: Westfield's Stratford on Sunday Sep 7 (Time TBA)
LISTEN to the song I'll be playing for the judges:

Overall I am so grateful for your support and I promise to work my hardest to prepare for the final. Updates and an Event for this coming soon! Can't wait. Have a wonderful day!

Tom Butler  

Aloft and Priory 

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Hey Friends!

This last week was absolutely amazing. It started out with an excellent date night (no, I'm not going to expound), but then Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday saw the best band practices yet. Playing music with James, Stu, Gav, and Paul really takes it all to the next level. We enjoyed practicing Thursday night at The Breakfast Studios which we found out is where Chesney Hawkes also rehearses on…Read more

Snobby Aristocratic Update for you... 

**Put on your favourite snobby British Aristocratic Accent for the beginning of this**
Dearest Friends: 

I bid you a wonderful Friday afternoon. It would be remiss not to mention the fortune we've experienced of good weather in London recently. ** enough of the accent

How are you doing? I hope you've been living up the summer festival season. I'm sure many of you have found new bands, so if so let me know who you're listening to, I love finding out about new music. Recently I've been involved with the LondonRead more