7 Music Blogs and Series To Watch For New Music


I like finding new music and promoting good music to my friends and family. Here are 7 great Music Blogs:

1. For Folk Sake

This is a gem of a blog. One article I really enjoyed on For Folk's Sake was an original interview of Mumford and Sons: http://www.forfolkssake.com/interviews/1375/for-folks-sake-interview-mumford-and-sons

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2. NPR Tiny Desk Concert Series

I've listened to NPR (National Public Radio, in the USA) since I was a baby. My mom and dad always had it on. NPR now puts on a cool concert series called the NPR Tiny Desk Concert Series. One really good band I've found via NPR TDCS is Lowland Hum. Check them out, as they are amazing. The series also boasts great sets from the Jake Bugg, Civil Wars and Mackelmore

3. Daytrotter
Best known, in my mind, for their beautiful art Daytrotter offers you a look at new artists every single day. Amazing site for finding new music. I am a subscriber. As a subscriber, you get free downloads of studio sessions and much much much more. I highly recommend using Daytrotter if you want expand your mind to music. 

4. Crack in the Road 

Be Aware: Be aware some of the art they show might not be 'workplace appropriate'. Right now they are running a review of nymphomaniac. So just be aware. A bit risque sometimes. 

Holders of the award for Record of the Day Best Blog 2012, Crack in the Road is a good blog. Minimalist. Artsy. Etc. 

5. The 405

These guys tweet way too much, so be careful of following their twitter feed, however their product (the blog and music info) is extensive. Plus, the The Four Oh Five (405) is also my hometown interstate.

6. Fresh On The Net
Showcasing new artists every month on his BBC 6 Radio Show, Fresh On The Net earns a spot on my list of blogs to  watch.

7. Dots & Dashes 
Dot's & Dashes houses good reviews and great album art :) I'm a sucker for well displayed and exhibited album art. 

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Tom Butler

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