21 May 2014 - Tom's Musician Journal / New Youtube Video

So today as a musician I worked to contact some music blogs to review my EP and I published Alone (Official Audio) to Youtube. I also read some music blogs which led to find a cool video on The 405. It’s about the band called The Growlers. I liked how much effort they put into preparing as a group for writing an album. They wrote 7 albums in 7 months or something like that. It was just cool.

On a more contemplative note, trying to stay confident about your own musical road (at least for me) is a bit hard to do, but I’m gonna hang in there.

I’ve got songs running around my head and I’m gonna put them on paper tonight after some studying (MSSQL Certification that I’m trying to get under my belt).

Hope you had/have a good day.



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