June 2014 Update - Tom Butler News & Excitement

What's On? 

Tom Butler Events and Exciting News

Friends! Hope you are doing well. Tom here. I'm just letting you know about a few things coming up this week. For the interested parties: 

  1. This Thursday June 05 | Disco London (Soho) |  Facebook Event
  2. This Saturday June 07 | The Bedford (Balham) | Facebook Event
  3. Sunday June 15 | Marylebone Fayre | Facebook Event
Sorry to those not living in the London who cannot travel in. If you have places you want us to play at, let us know (tombutlersings@gmail.com)

Exciting News

New Members Coming Soon

So Stu, James, myself, and a few others are working to make the sound of the band bigger. We're looking to add another guitarist and a drummer very soon. This should make everything sound 'rad' (a word that Stu says in order to be 'down with the kids') #jokes. But seriously, the sound should be really big and exciting. 

Youtube Videos 

Also, we're going to start making more youtube videos for you. Send us requests (tombutlersings@gmail.com) for what songs you want us to play or cover or skits you want us to act out. 

Website Improvements

We've added lots of photos for you. Hope you enjoy them. We'll be blogging more and such. Let us know what you want to read, see, and hear and we'll respond to your requests. 



ps. Excuse the spelling and punctuation ;~'; errors (if any exist at all). 

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