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"I'm Sorry, I Love You" - New Single Coming May 8, 2020 

Hey Friends,

I hope you are all well in isolation, staying healthy and positive.  

I've got a new song coming out called "I'm Sorry, I Love You". It was produced by Nathan Yaccino and features Abby Gundersen as a backing vocalist. 

I recorded this song in 2018 and am happy to finally be releasing it. It focuses on how we should two important phrases "I'm Sorry" and "I love you" in our most important relationships. This song was a response to past personal failures in relationships as well as hopes for…

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Tom Butler - Upcoming Shows with The National Parks and Silver Torches 

Hey friends, 

I hope you're doing well. I thought I'd just check in and let you know what's going on. The New EP is done and I'm just working out the next details about everything. I'm happy to announce that I'm opening for The National Parks ( alongside Silver Torches ( on September 24th at the Tractor Tavern in Seattle, WA. 

Make sure to get your tickets here:

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Whidbey Island - New Music Coming Soon 

Hey Friends,

It was beautiful yesterday visiting Whidbey Island for the first time. My family and I had a cabin in the San Juan islands, so poor old Whidbey Island was always passed by when I was a child. Such a beautiful place with some good Washington State history. Above is a picture from the drive to Deception Pass.

Regarding music updates, I'm still in the studio and recording more songs and things are going well. 

Hope you're well. 





Summer of 2016 I played this slightly altered version of the Death Cab For Cutie song "I Will Follow You Into The Dark" for Jay and Katy's first dance at their wedding. She asked me to record it for him as a 30th birthday present. I've edited out my personal comments (minus a hair swipe at the beginning) and wanted to share the song with you. I hope you enjoy it. 



Brand New Video for Highway 


Short story: This video represents the best times of my life over the past two and a half years. Filmed and edited by my good friend and camera man Aaron Sampson 

Long Story: 
I never wanted to leave England. In fact, I fully expected to live out the remainder of my days there. As many of you know, outside of music I worked for a software company. They held my visa which allowed me to work AND play music in the UK. I think it was early June 2016 that they told me that my…

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New Album - Tom Butler - Highway 

Hey Everyone, 

I'm releasing a new album very soon and I'm very proud of how it has come out. James Welch absolutely smashed the production! It will be released on September 30, 2016. It is my goodbye gift to London as I will be moving to Seattle on October 1 (the next day). I hope you all enjoy it. You can pre-order the album here: 

You can also listen to highway here: 

THANK YOU BRITsWeek, TOPMAN, and Museum of London  

Huge thank you to everyone who came to see the band and I play at #BRITsWeek 2016 this year. As of right now, I do not have any other scheduled shows for the week (but something might just pop up, who knows). Big shout out to TOPMAN for hooking me up with some new clothes and for being so kind to me. Also a big thank you to the Museum of London for having me. Here are some photos from the weekend:

All photos by Sarah Jeynes


I'm playing at the famous Ronnie Scott's Bar on Tuesday January 26 at 930PM with the band. I'm excited to see you all there! Can't wait!