Mason Jennings - My Minnesota-based Influence

Hey All:

Today's blog is about Mason Jennings, an American Folk artist that has greatly influenced me over the years. He is in my top 10 favorite artists. 

I was introduced to Mason Jennings in high school. I can truly say that Mason Jennings' music altered the course of my music and allowed to me to overcome many songwriting barriers that I was dealing with as a teenager. His lyrics and simplicity really appeal to me. I've been to many of his concerts and have been lucky enough to meet him a few times over the years. Here's a pic after a show in Salt Lake City (where Dad and I subsequently had front row tickets). It was amazing.

Some of my favourite (favorite for the US-English readers) songs by Mason Jennings are:

The Light Part II
Big Sur 
Sorry Signs On Cash Machines
Ballad For My One True Love

I strongly encourage you to listen to his music and go to his shows (if you are nearby). Here's where you can find out more:

Thanks Mason for your wonderful music!

Hope each of you are having a stellar day. I've got some fun updates coming up soon regarding the EP and new things going on here in London. 


Tom Butler

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