What is an EP?

So as most of you know, I'm releasing an EP on May 13. In talking with my sister today, she asked me the following question: What is an EP? Well in this article I will explain it all to you, but for now let's take a look at the beautiful album art put of my upcoming EP: 

Photography & Album Art by Ev Sekkides

EP is an acronym that stands for 'Extended Play'. It is a disc or vinyl that has more songs than a Single (1-2 songs, sometimes referred to as an A & B side), but less songs than a full length album ( which are usually at least 8 or 9 songs). There are probably many different names for the same thing in this case. According to Yahoo Answers an EP is "like a mini-album with only 5 or 6 songs on it." Wikipedia  explains an EP a "musical recording that contains more music than a single, but is usually too short to qualify as a full studio album or LP."

Here is what EPs looked like back in the day (in olden times before the internet):

Picture of an EP from Wikipedia.com

I hope this post has been helpful and has given you a greater musical knowledge. Tell your friends about your new found fact regarding the acronym EP! Impress people at parties. If you're in London or have access to the internet, I'd love to have you there watching on Tuesday May 13th as I release my debut EP 'On The Line'. I'm very excited and proud of the project. Here is the Facebook event

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Hope you all have a wonderful evening.




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