Snobby Aristocratic Update for you...

**Put on your favourite snobby British Aristocratic Accent for the beginning of this**
Dearest Friends: 

I bid you a wonderful Friday afternoon. It would be remiss not to mention the fortune we've experienced of good weather in London recently. ** enough of the accent

How are you doing? I hope you've been living up the summer festival season. I'm sure many of you have found new bands, so if so let me know who you're listening to, I love finding out about new music. Recently I've been involved with the London Mayor's Gigs 2014 Busking competition. THANK YOU SO MUCH for all of your votes. I really appreciate the support and I will report back soon about the status of the gigs. But seriously, thank you so much. 

What have I been up to recently (non-music wise)? Well I've been studying my toosh (aka Bottom or Butt) off for an exam that I honestly didn't do very well on. I am retaking it in a bit, which I feel confident about passing on the second go round. For those familiar with this, it was my first Microsoft exam ever. 

Anyway, moving on. I'm really excited to be putting my full efforts back into music and have many exciting things coming your way in the following forms: 
  • More Music Blog entries
  • More Videos (with the help of Aaron Sampson and Stu)
  • More Shows around the UK and Europe (if you want the band or myself to come play at your house or a venue near you, let us know)
  • More New Music
More, more, more, more! (That's what she said #hilarious) My mind has been teeming with music ideas etc for the past few weeks and I'm excited to unleash the energy. I will be sharing more ideas about new artists, old artists, all in or out of this folky genre. I know you'll be into it. 

Videos are going to be a lot of fun to release as well. Recently we released a few to very good reviews ( Country Roads, Folsom Prison (fan video, thanks Jenny L. for the upload)). We've got a few more videos pending release and we're stoked to release them. 

We don't want to overwhelm London with shows so we will be marketing them sparingly, however the next really big one to watch for is the August 15 show at the London Aloft Excel (swanky hotel in east London). This show will be with a FULL BAND. We'll be all ready to show you the full potential of the songs on the EP as well as others and maybe a cover or two. It's going to be a good one. Be there!

Also, we'd be down to play some house shows, so if you're looking to have friends over and want to impress them, drop me  a line (with some notice) and we'll see what we can do. 

I've been writing songs all year and look to record more of them soon. The timelines are tentative, but I hope to have the Heart single out this year. So that will be really exciting. Can't wait. 

This was just a little update for you. Leave your comments, ideas / requests below. 

Hope you are well. 


Tom Butler

ps. Still reading? You're AWESOME! (High Fiiiiive)

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