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Brand New Video for Highway 


Short story: This video represents the best times of my life over the past two and a half years. Filmed and edited by my good friend and camera man Aaron Sampson 

Long Story: 
I never wanted to leave England. In fact, I fully expected to live out the remainder of my days there. As many of you know, outside of music I worked for a software company. They held my visa which allowed me to work AND play music in the UK. I think it was early June 2016 that they told me that my…

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New Album - Tom Butler - Highway 

Hey Everyone, 

I'm releasing a new album very soon and I'm very proud of how it has come out. James Welch absolutely smashed the production! It will be released on September 30, 2016. It is my goodbye gift to London as I will be moving to Seattle on October 1 (the next day). I hope you all enjoy it. You can pre-order the album here: 

You can also listen to highway here: 

The Bedford Gigs 2014 Reunion Show 

I've been buzzing all day from playing the #gigs2014 GIGS: Big Busk reunion show last night at The Bedford The Bedford Live!! Such an AMAZING night! Most importantly I would like to thank each and every single one of you that came to the show and shared your time with each of us last night. Gavin, Paul, James, Stu, and I had a ton of fun playing music for you! We are supremely blessed to play music. It is a gift we enjoy sharing with you, especially during this Christmas season. 

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The 405 recommended this... 

Recently I wrote an online letter (also known as an email) to a very prolific music blog called the 405. They are UK based, but I think I connected most with their name as I used to drive on Interstate 405 everyday when living in Seattle. Anyway, you can write their team and let them know what kind of music you are looking for, and they will give you some suggestions. I wrote that I wanted to find new singer-songwriters in the same vein as: They sent me… Read more