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Brand New Video for Highway 


Short story: This video represents the best times of my life over the past two and a half years. Filmed and edited by my good friend and camera man Aaron Sampson 

Long Story: 
I never wanted to leave England. In fact, I fully expected to live out the remainder of my days there. As many of you know, outside of music I worked for a software company. They held my visa which allowed me to work AND play music in the UK. I think it was early June 2016 that they told me that my…

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The Fugees - Killing Me Softly (Tom Butler acoustic cover) 

So I recorded "Killing Me Softly" by the Fugees. Thank you to the many that have already watched and commented on the video. It's awesome of you to do so. I've learned a little bit about the song since I've posted it. Thanks to Jamie Marshall for the following info: "Lori Lieberman who wrote the lyric has commented that the lyric was originally a poem written about her reaction to McLeans' song Empty Chairs". Thanks Lori! This song is a treasure to me and I love performing it. Hope you enjoy my rendition… Read more

​What was it like to win the PRS Songwriting Prize? 

What was it like to win the PRS Songwriting Prize for the Gigs 2014 Busking Competition?

It was like being underwater. I was standing on stage with all of the judges and the 5 other contestants for the songwriting prize (who are excellent songwriters). When Guy Fletcher said, "Tom Butler", I had no idea what to do or say. Here are some photos and videos from the experience:



After: Me giving a mumbled and terrible acceptance speech. I think I said 'Thank you...' When I went on stage to play…

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Watch 'On The Line' Official Music Video  

Official Music Video Release

Tom Butler's 'On The Line' Music Video Now On Youtube

It has happened! Tom Butler busts through the door and is taking names with his brand new music video 'On The Line'. The song is the title track of his upcoming EP.

Enjoy On The Line on Youtube:


Tom Butler Team