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Tom Butler Interview on Brooklands Radio 


Under The Radar Live Sessions with Tom Butler 9 November 2014 by Under The Radar Live Sessions on Mixcloud

00:08:20 - Intro and first mention
00:14:00 - Beginning of the interview
00:17:00 - On the Line (Live)
00:22:00 - Interview part 2
00:25:55 - Heart (Live)
00:36:20 - Interview part 3 
00:40:47 - Boats (Live)
01:10:30 - Interview part 4
01:16:28 - Malea (Live)
01:19:55 - Interview part 5  <----the most awkward and funny bit
01:26:10 - Highway (Live)

Aloft and Priory 

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Hey Friends!

This last week was absolutely amazing. It started out with an excellent date night (no, I'm not going to expound), but then Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday saw the best band practices yet. Playing music with James, Stu, Gav, and Paul really takes it all to the next level. We enjoyed practicing Thursday night at The Breakfast Studios which we found out is where Chesney Hawkes also rehearses on…Read more


Thanks to everyone that came to the Fayre. Thanks to the artists that played. Thanks to everyone that made it possible. Have a wonderful week. Oh, and watch the video!

The London Folkfest - Interviews with the bands on the Vin's Night In Stage 

Tom Butler Interviews Stephanie Fraser, Evanjack, and Mixed Doubles. 

As a band we've planned and carried out our first set of interviews with the bands we play alongside at our shows and gigs. Tonight at the London Folkfest at the Bedford in Balham we were fortunate to play with Steph Fraser, Evanjack (Scott Cousins), and Mixed Doubles (comedy group). 
Stephanie Fraser

Where are you from? 

Is this your first time playing at the London Folkfest?
No, I came to listen last year and they brought me on…Read more