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James Flett Music Video & Blog Post 

You all know James Flett yeah? He is usually playing guitar next to me on stage or just standing there and singing backup vocals (BVs as they say in the 'industry'). He is a good singer-songwriter in his own right. Check out his most recent Music Video ( and read his most recent blog (Here: This is a great song. He's a good friend and a good musician. I'm lucky to have James playing guitar (and the keys in the…Read more


Thanks to everyone that came to the Fayre. Thanks to the artists that played. Thanks to everyone that made it possible. Have a wonderful week. Oh, and watch the video!

The London Folkfest - Interviews with the bands on the Vin's Night In Stage 

Tom Butler Interviews Stephanie Fraser, Evanjack, and Mixed Doubles. 

As a band we've planned and carried out our first set of interviews with the bands we play alongside at our shows and gigs. Tonight at the London Folkfest at the Bedford in Balham we were fortunate to play with Steph Fraser, Evanjack (Scott Cousins), and Mixed Doubles (comedy group). 
Stephanie Fraser

Where are you from? 

Is this your first time playing at the London Folkfest?
No, I came to listen last year and they brought me on…Read more

Disco London Cancelled 

In other lame news... Our Thursday show has been cancelled, however we are looking for a different venue to play or else a house party or else we might just busk under the bridge at Shoreditch High Street or similar. Let us know if you'd want us to play at your house instead tomorrow night. We're really sorry. 


Tom, Stu, and James